About SecondSky

What makes SecondSky different from other pilot training and flight simulation-based training?

A critical piece of SecondSky is the integration of machine learning into pilot training.

Platforms currently under development utilize varying degrees of automation, and training programs need to adapt to training aircrew not only to fly, but to manage, interact with, and, increasingly, trust their computer counterparts.

Because aviation is increasingly a computer-dominated domain, aircrew of the future will be required to develop trust in the computer systems responsible for the platforms they fly. Building that trust is important and complicated—unless aircrew train from the very beginning with those systems in place.

SecondSky’s aircrew and instructors not only understand the computer counterparts they fly with, but they are able to instruct student pilots to allow them to build the trust required to fly with an AI partner.

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Flight training

Pilots and operators trained with SecondSky have the critical decision-making skills that prevent mistakes in the cockpit.

SecondSky’s veteran flight instructors train aircrew to understand:

How machines approach problems faced by human aircrew

How to evaluate computer decisional logic and understand its strengths and weaknesses

How to understand the deltas between human solutions to aviation problems and the computer solutions, and determine which is best suited for which issues

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